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Worship Team

We are many members; we also are one body, sanctified and sent forth to share Christ’s life with God’s world.

Life is grace. And this abundant life we share at St. Paul’s reveals God’s presence–with us and within us–embodying grace from the dawn of creation, when God called us very good. Whenever we gather in Eucharistic celebration, surrendering to the mystery that insists what we have in this place is more than enough to grow, our spirits are strengthened by holy wonder. Enlivened by the Holy Spirit, we are nourished by trust.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild sets the Lord’s table for all church services and decorates the church for holidays.


Acolytes lead our liturgical processions with the processional cross and torches. A vital part of worship, acolytes assist the celebrant and help our liturgies flow smoothly.

10am Hospitali-tea

Help create a lovely space for fellowship, food, and beverages with folks from St. Paul’s after church at least once a month, on 3rd Sundays! Host Sunday coffee on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th Sundays. (Ministry Teams cover the 3rd Sundays.)


Bakers are responsible for preparing the communion bread each week. 

10am Greeters

Greeters amplify the welcoming presence at our 10am and Holy Day worship services, as they take care to encounter and include all who come to worship at St. Paul’s.

10am Lectors

Lectors proclaim our lessons in services of worship while Intercessors lead our communal prayers during the Prayers of the People.

8am Service

Greeters, Lectors, Cup Bearers, and Coffee Hour coordinators contribute to the life of this praying community. 

10am Ushers

Ushers greet visitors and congregation members, hand out service bulletins, take up the collection, guide people during Communion, and clean up St. Paul’s sanctuary spaces after each service.

10am Cup Bearers

They serve the Chalice at the distribution of consecrated bread and wine during Holy Communion.

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