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What are those Birds Singing and Plants Blooming at St. Paul’s?


Learn more about our Birds and Plants here. Printed brochures available in the cloister walkway.

Dark-eyed Junco
Townsend's Warbler

The Skillings Garden & Labyrinth

Skillings Garden: Created in the summer of 2021 as a gift to honor The Rev. Thomas Skillings 19 years of pastoral leadership and service. 

Permanent Labyrinth: Our labyrinth owes its creation to the inspiration and dedicated planning of the St. Paul’s Healing Team. It is a variation of the famous floor labyrinth laid in Chartres Cathedral sometime between 1194 & 1220.

The path is a classical six circuit design, a metaphor for our journey through life. One path takes you to the center and back out again, leading you through many turns. The six-petaled center is known as the rosette. In some traditions, each petal of the central rosette symbolizes one of the six stages of planetary evolution.

May you find all you seek on your journey.

The Columbarium


St. Paul's Episcopal Church is pleased that we can offer our parishioners and their families the opportunity to have a final resting place within the confines of their parish home.


The St. Paul's Columbarium & Garden was blessed on February 6, 2005.

Dedicated to long-time parishioner and parish leader Gloria Barton who led the effort in its creation, the Columbarium & Memorial Garden is a peaceful and sacred place for meditation and reflection representing the Christian themes of refreshment and resurrection.

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