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Fifth Week in Lent

Practice Sharing Gifts (Giving and Receiving) with God, a family member, a long-time friend, a church friend, a child, a teenager or young adult, a classmate or colleague, a neighbor or stranger. Begin by using any or all of the prompts below:

Share flowers or a plant with someone, for no particular occasion.

Make a simple gift of your choosing to another person to symbolize: 'I see you; I care."

Bring someone's favorite beverage or snack when you suspect they would welcome a break.

Gift someone an experience you know they would enjoy.

Humbly receive a gift from someone without having to "repay" them with another gift.

Make a pledge to God of one way you will risk giving and receiving love in community. Then follow through.

Make a list of the gifts you have received from others and the gifts you have given to others. Pray to God about what you notice about the lists.

Reflection Question

Where do I feel most comfortable giving/receiving love? Where do I feel most stretched by this practice?

Each week's prompts will be live on Sundays.

Come back each week to deepen your practice of love!

Ask someone to tell you about the best gift they've ever received. If invited, share your own story about the same.

Investigate opportunities to share your gifts in difference-making ways with a St. Paul's ministry or outreach partner. Then, find a way to step out in love.

Play "secret angel" and leave a gift for someone who will never know it was you.

Choose your own adventure in sharing gifts as a way to express love.

Love Languages

Which Love Language do you use to show love towards others?

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