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Fourth Week in Lent

Practice Quality Time with God, a family member, a long-time friend, a church friend, a child, a teenager or young adult, a classmate or colleague, a neighbor or stranger. Begin by using any or all of the prompts below:

Surprise someone by handling a mundane chore without being asked.

Clean up a room or space without being asked.

Pitch in to help with a group project at school, work, or church.

Offer to take on a task that that will save another person time.

Offer to pick up someone's groceries or medications.

Volunteer with an organization you have been meaning to volunteer with.

Choose your own act of service as a way to share love with someone.

Reflection Question

How do acts of service

renew your commitment to loving others?

Each week's prompts will be live on Sundays.

Come back each week to deepen your practice of love!

Notice where someone might need rest and help make that possible.

Get involved with a ministry you have been curious about exploring.

Turn a “friendly reminder” into a real expression of loving care.

Share one of your strengths with someone who may lack that skill.

Love Languages

Which Love Language do you use to show love towards others?

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