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postures that invite us to pause and listen for the Holy Spirit

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Take a breath. 

Take another. 

Take a deeper breath and exhale over 3 seconds.

Repeat and exhale over 5 seconds, 7, 10...

Select from one of these phrases or choose your own:

  • I want to know you God.

  • May Your kingdom come.

  • I will, with God's help.

  • Thank you, God.



Make room for God's spirit and grace to enter into your body.

Wherever you are:

  • Stretch your arms and hands and fingers above your head. Hold for 10 seconds. Release.

  • Reach from side to side. 

  • Make yourself the smallest you can by scrunching your body into a tight ball.

  • Make yourself the biggest you can by stretching up and around.

  • Drop your jaw and hold it.

  • Clench your hands and stretch your fingers. Place your palms down. Place your palms up.

  • Roll your shoulders. 

  • Elongate your back by sitting up tall, pretending there is a string that is lifting you up.


Quiet yourself as you hear these words in Scripture

Be still in God’s presence as you pray with this version of Isaiah 43

Be still in God’s presence as you pray with this version of Psalm 46


Listen to Scripture, Poetry & Prose

Explore the Bible as poetry by reading through some Psalms that you like.


Read Gerard Manley Hopkin's God’s Grandeur aloud in your house. What sounds strike you as prayerful in this piece?

Read this Mary Oliver's Lead and listen for the prayers that the Holy Spirit is praying in you, with sighs too deep for words.



Consider visiting a special spot. Check out our Columbarium or Labyrinth.

  1. Sit or walk deliberately.

  2. Breathe with intention.

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