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sounds that reveal God's presence, within us and the wider world

The Choir of St. Paul's

Does listening to the choir feel like a prayer practice you wish were available beyond our services? Well, wish no longer. Go to listen here. Or go to our YouTube page to listen to any previously recorded service.

1. Play this video twice. (It's also embedded on the left.)

  • First, listen to The Choir of St. Paul's sing Upon Your Heart.

  • Second, sing along.


2. Notice your feelings and thoughts as they rise in you.
3. Write those down.
4. Offer them to God in prayer.


Curate your personal Playlist

They say we all have a soundtrack for our lives. What is yours?


Select versions of your top 5 or top 10 most prayerful songs. Create a YouTube or Spotify playlist. Journal about how each one made the list and begin to articulate the criteria for how songs will stay and songs will go from these lists.

Need an example? Here's Jocelyn's Spotify Playlist. Perhaps there is a song on this list that you can sit and pray with...or walk and pray with...


Stretch your vocal chords

It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a singer or not. Take a moment to exercise your voice in a stance of praise. 

  • Sing a line from your favorite love song, addressing your song to God.

  • Hum a tune while you're out and about running errands.

  • Sing, "The Lord has done great things for us. We are filled with joy!" when you are by yourself for a moment.

What do you notice about your mood? How you feel? How the rest of your day goes?


Pray & Play a song
  1. ​Take a moment to select a song.

  2. Listen to it.

  3. Journal about what resonates for you. Then put the song and journal away.

  4. Return to your journal 24 hours later, read your entry, then listen again. Then journal once more. 

  5. What is God's invitation for you?

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