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sacred stories that reconnect us with the Creator's loving-kindness 

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Beyond the Biblical Text

1. Is there a biblical character who intrigues you?


Enter the world of their story and imagine moments in which they might have talked to God amid the events of their life. Picture yourself in their shoes. 


What would you say to God if you were to give voice to their hopes, concerns, or worries?

What can you imagine God saying to them in response to that prayer?

Is there something in this "conversation with God” that is meant for you in this season?

2. Visit the St. John’s Bible online at 

    and pray with the images of these “illuminated” Scriptures.


Is there a biblical passage you feel drawn to pray with by creating imagery or shapes that flow from listening to the words of the text?


Gather your materials and and experiment with this practice. You might record yourself reading the passage and listen to it on your device as you create your prayer.  


What do you notice as you give voice to your prayer through imagery and materiality?



Explore the ancient songbook of the Hebrew Bible that we know as the Psalter. 

You can search for Psalms using the online Book of Common Prayer (BCP).


  • Can you find a favorite Psalm (or a few)? 

  • What poetic patterns do you perceive in these Scriptures? 

  • What images or sounds stand out for you? 


Choose one to carry with you in prayer today. Notice how its meaning may evolve over the day.


More Poetry & Prose

Read Gerard Manley Hopkin's God’s Grandeur aloud in your house. What sounds strike you as prayerful in this piece?

Read this Mary Oliver's Lead and listen for the prayers that the Holy Spirit is praying in you, with sighs too deep for words.


OnBeing Poetry
  1. ​Take a moment to select a poem/poet.

  2. Select the link to listen to them read it aloud.

  3. Journal about what resonates for you. Then put the poem and journal away.

  4. Return to your journal 24 hours later, read your entry, then listen again. Then journal once more. 

  5. What is God's invitation for you?

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