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Children's Ministry

Centering Children at St. Paul's looks like Children's Sermons, Children's Chapel, curating activities and care in the PrayGrounds, Celebration of Sacraments, welcomes and farewells.



  • We celebrated Youth Sunday in collaboration with teens in May 2023. Children led the processions, lessons and prayers. 2 High School Seniors offered the sermon.

  • We delivered approximately 15 Children's Sermons and hosted a combination of 15 sessions of Sacred Sacristy and Children's Chapels where children sang songs, prayed with one another, and learned through contributing in a small group.


  • More High School-aged teens are the helping and supporting our children grow in their faith through acolyting and candle-lighting and snuffing, activities in our PrayGrounds, Sacred Sacristies, and Children's Chapels, the Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas Pageant preparations.

  • We hope to offer more service opportunities for families with young children.

  • Future Community Nights can be Family Nights.



  • Active Families also participating in our Choir School: The Adams, The Dimitrovas, The Gersters, The Long-Richeys, The Malhotras

  • Tongan Families: The Fa'avae's The Fifitas, The Milas

  • Families in the PrayGrounds: The Davis's, The Gross's, The Kendricks, The Readeys, The Sennetts, The Yemas

  • Supervisors have included: Fatma Yaman (staff), Judy, Candice-Lee-James, Becca Kurdziolek

  • Adult and Teen Activity Leaders have included: Abigail Akers, Lincoln Elliott, Janet Laurie, Sa'ane Mila, Dmitri Nezgivin, Livi Ramseyer, Annelise Vander Lugt, Will Vander Lugt

  • Contact: Jocelyn A. Sideco, Pastoral Associate

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