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The search for St. Paul’s new Rector is underway, and we are accepting applications until April 22. 

We invite you to learn more about our parish and priorities by reading our Parish Profile here or by clicking the document above. Our OTM Portfolio may be found here.

If you wish to apply, please follow the instructions outlined in the search committee letter found here.
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Rector search updates
If you missed it...
Rector search announcement (11/1/21)
Where are we on this journey?
The process of discernment has been  joyful and productive, resulting in the creation of our Parish Profile and our OTM Portfolio. These documents (left column) are intended as an overview and guide to prospective applicants.

A summary of our key tasks is listed below. Click the list to see a larger version. We'll update this list periodically.
Introducing the Search Committee for St. Paul's Seventh Rector

The Vestry is excited to announce the following members of the Search Committee:  Charles Warden and Joan Cleary, Co-Chairs; Michele Bosschart; Anne Casscells; Tim Elliott; Edith Foothorap; James Hurrell; Jenny Lau; Tom Power; and Rue Richey. 


Thank you to all who considered applying to be on the Search Committee.   The Committee meets the Vestry's goal of having a broadly representative, inclusive group that will soon begin the next steps in the process of developing St.Paul's Profile to be used in attracting applications, interviewing, and discerning the best 2-3 semi-finalists to recommend to the Vestry.  The projected timeline to complete this process is 8-9 months.

If you missed it...
Rev. Thomas Skillings retirement letter (3/5/21)

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